'Hire for attitude and train for skill'
Xcelerate Recruitment is ideally positioned to identify candidates for field based roles as a direct result of the relationship with Xcelerate Fieldmarketing. Clients can avail of the service either by contracting in an employee of Xcelerate for a few months whilst evaluating their experience and capability and on successful completion of the contract. Xcelerate can agree a fee based transfer to the client’s business. Xcelerate Recruitment provides candidates in the following areas:- 

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • National Accounts
  • Merchandising
  • Office Support

Xcelerate Recruitment will also provide these candidates on contract and will payroll employees for companies that have headcount issues.

Xcelerate Recruitment was set up to address the ongoing need by clients to identify the best fit of candidates for specific roles within their organisations. All too often, candidates are sent for interview and the client finds that they are not suited to the job on offer.

Xcelerate Recruitment evaluates the organisation's style and culture in tandem with its strategic direction and identifies candidates that can provide the best fit for a client and a candidate. Xcelerate calls this 'corporate matchmaking' and ensures that only the most suited candidates are put forward for selection. Xcelerate believes that attitude is one of the key elements of assessing work ethic and where there is a good attitude, a good work ethic exists.

Xcelerate Recruitment operates across a diverse range of industry sectors and carries out full face to face interviews, reference checking, psychometric testing and personality profiling.

Terms & Conditions Download (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

 Agreement is made between the employer (hereinafter referred to as “The Client” and Xcelerate Recruitment hereinafter referred to as 'The Company'

Fee Structure:  
1.      Permanent Placements 2.      Contract Placements –      
  Basic salary Fee Level  
Salaries up to: €24,999 p.a. 15% Once Off Fee
Salaries from: €25,000.00 to €49,000 p.a. 20% Once Off Fee
Salaries exceeding:  €50,000 p.a. 25%  Once Off Fee
  Basic salary Fee Level  
Salaries up to: €24,999 p.a. 35% p.a.       Paid Monthly
Salaries from: €25,000.00 to €49,000 p.a. 30% p.a. Paid Monthly
Salaries exceeding:  €50,000 p.a. 25% p.a.  Paid Monthly
All Expenses are re-chargeable as incurred  15% p.a. Paid Monthly

 Payment terms are strictly 7 days after the candidate’s actual starting date. Fee levels are based on basic salary only. Fees are subject to V.A.T.

All candidate details are passed to The Client on a confidential basis. These details cannot be passed on to any other party without the express permission of The Company and the client undertakes not to approach the candidate independently after the initial introduction is made. Should the candidate be employed by The Client for any position within 12 months after the initial introduction by The Company, The Client will be obliged to pay the full recruitment fee to The Company should a candidate, introduced to The Client  by The Company, be passed on to a third party by The Client with a resulting engagement of said candidate, then The Client will be liable for the original fee.

  •  Refund Policy

In the case of an unsuccessful placement (agreed by both parties) The Company will negotiate a refund (less €635 administration fee) on a scaled basis of 100% up to one month, 50 % 1-2 months and 25% in month 3 provided that all monies due are fully paid up. Refunds will not apply after 3 months.

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